Providing the analytical capability to asses and explain real world challenges.

Defence, National Security and Trade

With defence, national security, trade and geopolitics at the fore for many organisations, understanding how they impact on new markets is critical. More than just potential market size, it’s knowing where the hurdles are and how to overcome them that will determine your company’s success.
Orizontas and its network of Australian and international experts provide the analytical capability to assess and explain the real world challenges in cyber, energy or resources.

Orizontas understands and anticipates the evolving strategic environment, and how this can impact on your business.
We know the challenges of investing in new markets with changing investment rules and expectations in a shifting strategic environment. Translating this into commercially relevant advice and strategy through identifying what companies need to focus on, who needs to be consulted and what incentives are available is what Orizontas does.

Our services include:

  • Identification, analysis and advice on defence, national security and geopolitical issues including energy security, natural resources and cybersecurity.
  • Market entry analysis
  • Political and regulator risk analysis
  • Regulatory and legal overviews (including Foreign Investment Review Board)
  • Finding the right government support programs for in and out bound investment
  • Developing and implementing targeted communication strategies

Our team can help you find that extra edge your business is looking for.