Identifying issues and enabling prepared-ness and active response.

Issues and Crisis

Issues are the difference between the expectations of your stakeholders and your action.

Crises are typically unexpected.

How you prepare and handle both will be the difference between success and failure of your reputation, and potentially your business.

Orizontas has a dedicated issues and crisis management practice which identifies the issues and enables adequate preparedness and active response in times of crisis.

We bring our expertise and frontline experience to map potential issues – including political, environmental, regulatory, industrial and international along with a systemic approach to prioritisation and preparedness.

Our skills include media and digital audits.

We will work by your side to develop and deliver/execute crisis scenario planning and practical skills in media counsel, speechwriting, content creation and stakeholder relations.

Our services include:

  • Issues mapping and crisis scenario planning
  • Digital audits and channel mapping
  • Crisis response plans and simulation workshops
  • Executive counsel including media training
  • On the ground crisis management including 24-hour crisis response teams

Our team can help you find that extra edge your business is looking for.