Samantha Litinsky, Qualitative and Quantitative Research & Reporting

Sam loves talking to people and understanding why they behave as they do; her niche is bringing the customer lens to the table. She is a qualified creative qualitative specialist with 15+ years experience having graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Marketing and a Bachelor of Arts (Behavioural Studies). Sam can apply qualitative research and strategic consulting techniques to uncover exciting commercial opportunities and develop ‘ah ha’ moments for clients.

Sam has a highly developed ability to uncover sentiments and specific behavioural drivers via in-depth interviews and focus groups. Her area of expertise spans across C-level executives, vulnerable customer groups and decision-makers where she has a unique ability to quickly develop rapport and trust amongst respondents. She effectively uses projective techniques to elicit rich intelligence.

Sam’s experience and thought leadership extends across multiple industries including banking & finance, business services and FMCG. She is highly proficient managing both B2C & B2B end-to-end projects. Sam uses story-telling and case studies to bring voice of the customer insights to life. Areas of expertise also include: marketing strategy, strategic planning, project management, segmentation personification, managing teams, running workshops.

Her balanced career across market research agency and client-side enables her to deliver executable research and strategic input for her clients.